David Muller, Police Commission

David Muller is a former member of the boards of Selectmen, Finance, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and the Library Board. His DTC biography emphasizes his role as a Selectman in creating a town-to-town partnership with Lacombe, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. A financial portfolio manager, he also serves as a wish granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, plays bassoon in the Westport Community Band, and is a Trustee of the Ashmore Foundation. Mr. Muller and his wife have three adult children. He responded to Weston Today's questions in an interview.

Why are you running?

"The 'why' is the personal part. I was in town government for 16 years. In 2015, I was traveling a lot, and decided it was time to step away from government. Recently, when I was asked to join the Survey Committee, I realized how much I missed it."

"The Police Commission meshes with where I am in life and professionally. I've always admired the Weston Police department. I spent at least nine or ten years working to marry the needs of the department with available resources. I was intimately involved when the question of school security became more urgent after Sandy Hook and we started to look at the whole topic and School Resource officers. At the same time, I had kids in the schools, and now I'm the father of a teacher. I've seen first-hand the effects of what has become a 'shooting generation.'"

"I'm not running against Jess or Bill. Everyone who engages in town and gets things done is great. I do think it's important to send a message that policies at the national level have a cost at the local level. So, I guess I'm running against them as Republicans, but not against them personally."

What is on the table?

"The biggest issues are infrastructure and financial. We've had years of deliberations on how to ensure that the facilities that house emergency services are adequate. And they are far from that. These are not new issues. My biggest push will be to ensure that the projects needed for police, fire, and EMS infrastructure and safety get addressed. Equipment too. We've always compromised on that."

"There needs to be a plan of how to get from A to B on our public safety resources. We rely too much on private donations for basic safety needs. But I know from my time on the Board of Finance that you always have to balance demands and be fiscally responsible."

"My priorities on the Police Commission will be infrastructure, equipment, and budgetary transparency. We have a great police force in Weston. We need to keep them safe."

What do you bring to the table?

"I know the Weston Police Department well and I know the Police Commission well too. I understand the needs of the police and the community when it comes to public safety. I also understand the budgetary issues, and that balancing act between needs and resources."

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