Jeffrey Farr, Board of Finance

Weston is a special town. As a 35-year resident, I have enjoyed its natural beauty, walking trails, and interesting history. My children benefited from its excellent school system and I admire the active participation in its civic life by its citizens. So it was both my duty and an honor to be appointed to the Board of Finance last November filling a vacancy, from which I am running to be elected to a four-year term. In the short time I’ve served on the board, I have acquired a deeper understanding of the issues faced by Weston.

The State’s unresolved fiscal crisis and unreliable funding from Hartford has placed an even greater reliance on homeowner property taxes to fund our town’s schools, services and infrastructure. At the same time, our property values have not recovered from the 2007 downturn as job opportunities have left Connecticut and competition from adjacent towns with better mass transportation access and commercial development.

Weston is in good fiscal shape but continued vigilant fiscal stewardship is essential to maintain this position. As a former Civil Engineer with graduate work in finance and accounting, management consulting experience in the services industry and 11 years on Weston’s P&Z, I am committed to overseeing the appropriate deployment of taxpayer monies to town schools, services, and infrastructure that are in our common interest.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 5 for me and my fellow Republicans who are working together to keep Weston special!

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