Melissa Zales Koller Leaves Board of Finance

Photo: M.S. Wirtenberg

After 12 years on Weston’s Board of Finance, Melissa Zales Koller stepped down from the office at the end of the board’s June 20 session. She previously served on the Board of Education.

Finance chairman Steve Ezzes said Ms. Zales Koller’s insight into education matters had been “invaluable. She will be missed.”

Mr. Ezzes said “in addition to bringing her understanding of educational needs to the Board, she brought keen financial skills. She is an independent thinker. The Board of Finance has lost a dedicated member of the Weston community. I hope she will continue her longstanding service and offer her knowledge to other town groups.”

Ms. Zales Koller received thanks and a hearty round of applause from her colleagues. Asked about a potential successor, she said “you need a girl.”

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