Coyotes: Practical Advice from Animal Control

Coyotes live throughout all of Weston. If you have a small to medium-size dog, Animal Control Officer Mark Harper urges you to be particularly cautious.

"You should always walk your dog on a leash," says Mr. Harper, "or at least go outside with your dog and keep the outside lights on."

Officer Harper said having a fenced-in yard can help, but the fence won't be effective if coyotes can easily jump over or dig under beneath.

You should also change the time of day you let your pets out. "Coyotes are very smart," said Mr. Harper. "They will sit and wait for their prey." He suggests carrying an air horn when outside with your dog. "It's a very effective way to scare off a coyote."

"If you are approached by a coyote, make yourself look bigger. Wave your arms over your head. Yell and scream."

"Coyotes are not going away," said Mr. Harper. "You can't tell when they will show up."

You can help Animal Control define the size of Weston's coyote population and where they live. Report sightings by calling (203) 222-2642. Be as specific as you can about the date, time, and location of the sighting. It will also help to report the color of the coyote.

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