A Gift to Weston EMS: A New Ambulance

Weston has once again benefitted from the generosity of the estate of the late Daniel Offutt, this time with a $200,000 gift to EMS for a new ambulance.

On Wednesday, the estate's executor, Richard Orenstein, joined EMS officials in a ribbon-cutting dedication of the new rig.

EMS's Maria Dempsey and Eric Bibler, Richard Orenstein, EMS's Jon Weingarten, Chris Bradbury, and Michael Schlechter.


Already this year, Mr. Offutt's estate has given $215,000 to the Weston Public Library, $600,000 to the Weston Historical Society, and pledged $500,000 to help expand Firehouse No. 1 for EMS quarters.

Mr. Offutt, a successful investor and, among many other things, sculptor, lived in Weston for over thirty years. He passed away in November of 2016. In September, Mr. Orenstein told us "Dan loved Weston, greatly enjoyed his time here, and wanted to give back to the community. As his friend, I wanted very much to support his wishes."

Mr. Orenstein cuts the ribbon.


The new ambulance replaces an old unit that had far outlived its duty cycle. "We are deeply grateful," said EMS president Jon Weingarten. "This gift from the Offutt estate will help us keep providing a critical service to Weston free of charge."

EMS receives no taxpayer funding. Weston is one of a very few number of towns in Connecticut, or anywhere else, where ambulance calls and emergency medical services are completely free.

EMS Chief Michael Schlechter, whose enthusiasm for the new ambulance was nowhere near contained, echoed the point. "We live on generosity and donations, both small and large. This one greatly helps us serve the people of Weston."

Inside. The gurney is lifted hydraulically. More comfort for patients, fewer back injuries for EMS crews.


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