A Veterans Day Poem

The Aftermath

by Jillian Zuch


You walked towards the enemy gun in hand

And still today here you stand

Loyal and true to red white and blue

People say thank you if only they knew

Of the trauma and stress you've had to deal with

That fact that this is not just a myth

The moments that flashback in your mind

To that day on the field where you left someone behind

Or that you still don’t know if the man by your side

Made it back home to his family alive

You tell of the stories and heroic acts

Sugar coated for children but you know the facts

You've seen the healthy the wounded the dead

They appear in your mind as you lay in bed

At home with your family years after the war

But still living through all the violence and gore

Certain movies, tv shows are banned from the list

As the story can change on a dime in the midst

From a light-hearted movie of men in a war

To the time you were dropped off at night on the shore

Or the time you were wounded in a bad situation

And witnessed the pain of those going through amputation

You met a few women and met a few men

You knew you'd get home you just didn't know when

Your friends from the war who fought by your side

Some didn't get home to their families alive

But you still stand here loyal and true

You fought for your country and that's the best thing anyone can do


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