Sarah Hawkey, Renowned Soprano, Teaches Voice

Fairfield County is now called home by Sarah Hawkey, renowned soprano and voice teacher.

“My dream was always to do what I am doing now,” she said.

Sarah is a classical soprano who has taken her lifelong love of singing and combined it with her love of teaching. She has had a studio in New York City for 15 years and has just opened a second studio in Fairfield County offering local, private voice lessons.

Sarah’s professional accomplishments are extraordinary. She began her studies at Conservatory in her home state of Missouri. Upon getting her degree she quickly moved to New York and began studying with Stephen Smith at Juilliard. From there her career took off.

Sarah was invited to perform at the acclaimed Verbier Festival in Switzerland. She has toured with the Metropolitan Opera Guild, New York Philharmonic, LA Philharmonic, has been featured on Great Performances with PBS, and has performed on every stage at Carnegie Hall.

Sarah has been featured on numerous occasions in the New York Times, most recently for her performance in the Reich/Richter installation for the opening of The Shed in New York City. A recent career highlight was performing in the world premiere of p r i s m at LA Opera produced by cutting-edge visionary Beth Morrison, for which composer Ellen Reid won a Pulitzer Prize.

Sarah has always loved teaching. Once she moved to New York, to help support herself she became a New York City Teaching Fellow, then a licensed special education teacher, went on to study the teaching of reading and writing at Columbia University Teachers College and became a literacy specialist. While studying voice with her teacher at Juilliard, Sarah went to school at night to earn her Master’s in Education from Mercy College.

Sarah has a creative approach to teaching voice that is tailored to each student’s unique gifts and interests while giving them a foundation in technique. Sarah’s understanding of child development shines through with her younger students, who tend to grow far beyond expectations. Her voice studio is made up of singers of all ages, from as young as six or seven, up through 18-year-olds, plus adult professional and avocational singers.

For children age four and under, Sarah created the Treehouse Music Method, which integrates literacy and music as one art form. The Treehouse Music Method gives children a foundation in music and early literacy skills. The curriculum follows the highly-regarded Reggio Emilia play-based approach to learning. Sarah teaches Treehouse classes in intimate, small group settings. Local classes begin in January at Norfield Church with more to come in nearby towns early in 2022.

To celebrate the opening of the Fairfield County studio, Sarah is offering a Welcome Package to new students. Space is limited, and the Welcome Package offer ends on January 7, 2022.

Clients say

“Sarah has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter. She has brought out her talent and confidence in a way I never knew was possible. My daughter looks forward to their weekly sessions more than anything else. I was in awe when my daughter performed and thank Sarah for all the work and guidance she has provided.”  —  Jessica, Attorney and client for 3 years

“Sarah is an extraordinary talent, playing multiple instruments beautifully. But beyond her ability to sing and play instruments, she has remarkable patience with children across the ages. She focuses on the child and understands how to bring out the best in the child. She has a unique skill, is naturally gifted and would be an asset to any institution or family.”  —  Samira, Co-Founder at AU Sine Institute of Policy & Politics, Co-Founder of Just For The Children and client for 7 years

“My daughter joined the studio one year ago. It was more than voice lessons, it was a journey into the beautiful world of music, singing, and melody. Before, my daughter only heard music playing from a gadget. Learning to sing was a new world to her. Shy at first, she can perform to an audience with a lot of confidence now. It is hard to find anyone to match Sarah’s passion and talent of teaching music so effortlessly.”  —  Arti, International Financial Advisor and client for 2 years

For more information about voice lessons with Sarah please visit or call (203)403-7153.

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