Frescobene Artisan Sauces: A Cut Above the Rest

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Frescobene Artisan Sauces were created by Ann Riffice and Lisa Maute, two local moms looking to simplify mealtime without having to sacrifice homemade delicious flavors. They use their own time tested family recipes to create an amazing new product which is changing the way we approach meal prep. Today we will learn why Frescobene Artisan Sauces are a cut above all other sauces on the market today as we continue our conversation with Ann and Lisa.

What differentiates Frescobene from other sauces on the market today?

Oh … where do we begin? First of all, we made sure to use only the finest ingredients, the same ingredients we use in our own kitchens. We spent a great deal of time searching for the best tomato, and found that the number one imported Italian San Marzano was the tomato to use.

This particular tomato has the least amount of seeds, so its flavor is a bit sweeter. Also, unlike other canned tomatoes on the market today, ours has no added citric acid. This is very important as we have found that many people suffer from eating red sauce as added citric acid can cause a tremendous amount of discomfort such as reflux or heartburn. However, we have been contacted by many of these people to report that they have been able to eat Frescobene Artisan Sauces without any issues to report.

We continue to receive notes thanking us, as they have not been able to eat any red sauce for years and years … so needless to say, they are now our best customers! It does not stop with the tomatoes — our Italian sausage is custom made fresh for us each and every time. We also use imported Italian olive oil, imported Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese (the best cheese ever!) and a delectable red wine.

Our sauces are then prepared in the same fashion as we do at home … low and slow. They are always made in small batches, layering the ingredients so the flavors develop and are then simmered for hours resulting in the most delicious sauces you will ever have!

You do not use jars or tubs. Why?

No we don’t. We felt that jars and tubs were just not convenient enough. You still have to dirty another pan to heat the sauce in, and although we wanted to make our product fresh and delicious we also wanted it to be a time saver. We gave this a tremendous amount of thought and decided that pouch packaging was the way to go, so we found BPA free, FDA approved “heat and serve” pouches and we were on our way!

Our sauces are perfectly pre-portioned to 2.5 servings (you can use 2 pouches for a larger group) and are easily heated in the same water you cook your pasta in … one and done! You just place the rinsed pouch in a pot of water, bring it to a boil at which time the pouch is properly reheated, remove it with tongs, and then you can cook your pasta in the same water. Super easy and what a time saver! However, they can also be heated in the microwave, which works well for any college student or anyone that may not have a stove.

They are frozen, correct?

Yes, they are frozen! Having grown up in Italian families, we always knew that freezing our sauces was a must. Because our sauces take hours to make, we would always make more than we needed, so we froze the remainder for future use. That being said, freezing provides additional benefits we were desiring such as ensuring peak freshness, enhancing the flavors as well as retaining important vitamins and minerals to give our customers the most delicious, freshest and healthiest sauce on the market today. Because the freezer locks in freshness and enhances the flavors, we do not have to add any sugar or preservatives, which is a big plus … and they are all certified gluten free.

Anything else?

Yes … our sauces are incredibly versatile … they can adapt to any and all palates and diets. However, that is an entirely new conversation!

Stay tuned next week when we learn how versatile Frescobene Artisan sauces are and why they need to be a staple in your freezer.

Frescobene Artisan Sauces are available locally at Village Market in Wilton, Greiser’s Market in Easton, The Pantry in Fairfield, Fresh Direct, and at

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