conneCTalent: Innovation in Recruiting

Since it’s a new year (and decade!), we wanted to take this moment to introduce ourselves and explain what we’re all about.

We are Runa and Jasmine – the moms behind conneCTalent, Fairfield County’s newest and most innovative recruiting company. We had each stepped away from our corporate jobs (as a CPA and divorce attorney) to raise our young children, and met when our children were in preschool.

After discovering that we both faced similar obstacles to going back to work after having children, we came up with the idea to launch a local recruiting company that connects parents like us to flexible employers. We started our company in March 2019 and it’s been full force ahead since then!

In our discussions with hiring managers and HR over the past year, we found that their most common hiring struggles were high turnover among young employees, and finding and retaining experienced talent. In our discussions with job seekers, we found that most parents agreed that some flexibility and work/life balance (and preferably not commuting to NYC) were integral to being an efficient and motivated employee.

We also heard from a number of parents that after taking time off from work to care for their children, they were even more eager to return to work and give it their all. These honest conversations with employers and job seekers inspired us to create a solution — conneCTalent, a resource that:

(1) offers employers access to experienced, committed, untapped talent in the form of commuting parents looking for opportunities in Fairfield County and stay at home parents looking to re-enter the workforce, and,

(2) helps employees find the flexibility and balance they need to be motivated workers.

Flexibility can come in many forms, including full time, part time, contract, in-office, or remote work, and the greatest successes we have had so far have been with employers who have the ability to think outside the box and appreciate the caliber of candidates we present.

conneCTalent is the product of two women who have a similar background as so many of the job seekers we intend to help, and as a result, our passion is real and we hope our clients recognize our genuine approach. We want to help this community thrive, and keep Fairfield County residents working in Fairfield County!

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