Zinc, the Wonder Mineral!

Zinc is a trace metal which plays a very important role in immune response, growth and the functioning of the neurological system. Additionally, Zinc has a positive effect on absorption of vitamins, mainly Vitamin A.

While our body needs it, the source of Zinc is diet and supplements. Studies show that 25 percent of people are deficient in Zinc. Vegans and vegetarians may not absorb the Zinc supplementation/foods, as proteins (meat, milk, etc.) are required for absorption of Zinc. Our body has no way to store Zinc, so a daily intake is very necessary. Symptoms of Zinc deficiency are skin lesions (acne, hair loss), mental lethargy, delayed healing and immune disorders.

In the presence of symptoms, a simple blood test can determine Zinc levels. Oysters are loaded with Zinc. Other good sources of Zinc include beans, meats, nuts, fish and dairy. Half a cup or a serving of any of the mentioned sources provides about 25 percent of the daily requirement of Zinc.

For supplementation, the recommended Zinc dose is 8 mg/day for females and 11 mg/day for males. The preferred supplement formulation is Zinc Picolinate, which is best absorbed by the body. In Zinc deficiency, the recommended dose is 30 mg per day for 4 months.

Apart from deficient states, Zinc supplementation can help improve skin and hair and it could be used either orally or even topically. Zinc has been also found to reduce severity and intensity of migraine headaches, burning mouth syndrome and other neurological pain disorders.

Zn testing:

   – Simple blood test (serum Zn)
   – Normal range: 0.66-1.1 mcg/dL

Zn supplements, possible side effects:

   – Nausea, diarrhea, headaches
   – Weight loss rarely
   – Interacts with antibiotics and diuretics (Blood pressure medication)

About Dr. Chandwani

Dr. Chandwani is a board certified specialist in Orofacial pain (TMJ specialist) in Fairfield County. With his background in acupuncture and alternative medicine, he integrates western and eastern medicine in his practice.

Dr. Chandwani has offices in New York City and in Norwalk. He can be reached at (203) 842-8658 or (347) 494-4618.

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