Basic-Naturals: Natural Skincare Back to Basics, Into the Future

Basic-Naturals started their adventure in the world of skincare about ten years ago, as the Ben-Davids were starting their family. From food to cosmetics and household products, the young couple felt frustrated by the dizzying array of potentially harmful ingredients in popular brands.

Danielle Ben-David, who has Type 1 Diabetes, shifted to all natural products and cleansed her diet in hopes of best supporting future pregnancies. Struggling with a sudden outbreak of eczema caused by touching a cactus fruit, her husband Yaniv was not willing to settle for his dermatologist-prescribed steroids. These health concerns directed them towards a calling outside their original 9 to 5 jobs.

Over the course of four years of research and testing, Yaniv developed the special combination of natural ingredients that combined to form a natural eczema salve treatment; effectively and comfortably keeping his condition at bay.

They call this product "Skin Repair." It is an Organic Calendula Salve and a multi-use product that customers now rave about. They found that "Skin Repair" also worked wonders on their babies’ diaper rash, chafed skin, scratches, bug bites, dry/cracked skin in winter, and more.

Alongside their work on “Skin Repair”, the couple also formulated replacements for their other personal skincare needs creating their own facial cleanser, anti-aging moisturizer, facial serum, after-shave, deodorant, under eye serum, hand salves, lip balms and more. Basic-Naturals’ mission is to create effective skincare made of pure, organic ingredients protecting us all from toxins that could negatively affect our health.

Yaniv describes his choice of ingredients, as follows:

“Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need, and that is all we should use.”

Using organically grown flowers, first cold press and non-GMO plant-based oils, pure essential oils, and organic beeswax, mango butter, or shea butter, all organic, they create their line of luxurious and health focused skincare products. The company does not use any alcohol, synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives or fillers in any products. The brand prioritizes sourcing ingredients, packaging, and shipping in eco-friendly ways.


Lenka Hladikova, a local real estate agent, met the Ben-David family when their respective daughters were in preschool more than 5 years ago. She first started using their products after trying Skin Repair for her daughter’s eczema. Years since, Lenka is a self-proclaimed “customer for life.”

“Basic-Naturals has literally changed our lives,” Lenka says. “During my daughter's eczema flare-ups I was desperate for a natural non-steroid solution. I remembered hearing about Danielle's products … but I had never taken the time to try them before. Literally one application of the Skin Repair-Calendula Salve and the itch stopped. Three days later, there was no evidence of eczema and her skin was baby soft. The flare ups still happen but once a day preventative application is all we need to keep the unpleasant itch away.”

Lenka continues, “We have since tried almost all of the products and I swear by the amazing recipes to beautify and heal. Anything from lip balms (Eucalyptus is my personal favorite) to face moisturizers to foot creams … and the results are almost immediate. We are forever grateful to this inspiring well-educated family of heart warming professionals.”

As word spread locally, the Ben-Davids eventually secured a visiting slot at the local Westport Farmers' Market. According to Lori Cochran-Dougall, executive director of the Westport Farmers' Market:

"Our shoppers want clean products and they want to support local businesses. Basic-Naturals’ products provide both of these, plus you get to know the family, which makes it even more special. What I like best is the attention to how the product compliments each user with a focus on the environment by utilizing clean, simple ingredients."

Basic-Naturals founders’ mission summarized: to create effective skincare made of pure, organic ingredients protecting us all from toxins that could negatively affect our health.

Editor and founder of "Kosher Like Me," Liz Rueven explains why she uses Basic-Naturals products extensively:

“I love Basic-Naturals for lots of reasons. First, their company name expresses exactly what they are about. They are determined to provide basics for skincare without loading the line with too many products. Their ingredients are indeed, all natural, and easy to understand. For anyone with skin sensitivities, Basic-Naturals makes it easy to spot ingredients on their website and on their labels. In addition, their prices are fair and affordable, driving me to replenish my stash as I run out, and to try new products.”

Prior to Covid-19, Basic-Naturals could be found at numerous Fairfield County farmers' markets. They both hope to return to those market venues one day soon. Through it all, their skincare products can be purchased online and questions can be directed to the owners themselves through their website or social media. All products are handcrafted in small batches in Norwalk, CT. Pricing for most products is about $10 to $25. Products are versatile, so many customers use one product for multiple needs.

Basic-Naturals is located in Norwalk, Connecticut.

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Local Stores: Dough & Co. (aka The Old Mill Market and Cafe) in Redding, CT; Indigo Acupuncture in Stamford, CT; Eco Evolution (opening soon in Fairfield, CT)

For an up-to-date list of stores, including outside of CT, see the website.

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