The Real Pets of Weston

Hello and welcome back to The Real Pets of Weston, brought to you by Passage East Kennels, the Cat Cottage at Passage East, and (of course) the canine and feline good citizens of our hometown!

In a year marked with heartache and hardship for everyone, we’ve been so lucky to have the support of our fellow Westonites through it all, and happier than ever to join you in welcoming new pets into your families. With all their goofy antics, unconditional affection, and paw de vivre, these special pets have done more than they know to keep us sane and smiling in 2020 – and we’ve needed it!

Without further ado, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to a handsome young hound named Pete! This pup is still growing and has wiggles and wags to spare – it’s pretty much impossible not to share in his enthusiasm, even when you have to call him by his full name.

Name: Pete. Also known as: “Peter” when he is naughty (which is most of the time). And his middle name is “Piper,” so “Peter Piper.”

Breed: According to doggie DNA testing, 50% foxhound and 50% pointer.

Age: 8 months.

Family Members: Three human sisters (Quinn, age 10, Lydia, age 7, and Camilla, age 4). Also two feline siblings, Gracie & George (2 year old Russian blue mixes, born in New Orleans and adopted through PetFinder) and proud (and patient) pawrents Ginny & Dave.

Love at First Sight: “We adopted him sight unseen from Georgia through Rescue Dogs Rock NYC ( He was found with several littermates and no mama at about 5 weeks old and made the trip up North to us at 8 weeks old. His brother, Sonny, also lives in Weston!”

Likes: Food and anything appearing to be food (this includes grass, acorns, trash).

Dislikes: Loud noises.

What We Love About Him: “His expressions - I have caught him making some faces that I have never seen a dog make before!”

How the Cats Feel About Him: “Interested yet suspicious. They played more when Pete was a puppy but they have become more cautious as he has grown.”

Theme Song: “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

Motto: Stop and smell (and maybe also eat) the roses.

Passage East has been a second home for Weston’s furry family members for two decades and counting. A family business owned by longtime residents Joe & Laura Kaddis, we offer compassionate boarding, grooming, and daycare for the dogs you love at our spacious retreat in Wilton’s Cannondale neighborhood – and now for your feline friends at our cozy Cat Cottage next door. Born out of a passion for animal rescue, we proudly work with and support local groups to help pets in need.

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