The Real Dogs of Weston

A column just for Weston’s canine citizens, sponsored by Passage East Kennels.

Each week, we’ll introduce you to a pawsome dog neighbor as well as donate $10 to a local rescue group or animal shelter chosen by their humans. To be featured, please email

September is Senior Pet Wellness Month, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season than by introducing you to one of our oldest and dearest friends, Phoebe! At twenty (yes, twenty!) years old, Pheebs has seen four different presidents in office and could vote in next year’s election (if dogs were allowed to vote, and we think they should be). This golden girl has been enjoying retired life with her loving mom and dad, long-time Weston residents Terry & Ray Bernstein, who adopted her as a senior pet five years ago. While she’s not quite as fast as she used to be, Phoebe’s only gotten sweeter with age, and we feel so fortunate to know her and the Bernstein family. Here’s to you, Phoebe!

Name: Phoebe.

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier.

Age: Twenty amazing years old!

How We Met: “In 2014, a few months after our Lab, Casey, passed away at 13+ years old, I saw a post on Facebook: 'Phoebe needs your help.' Her previous owner could no longer take care of her and Phoebe was in need of a new home. With that photo, she grabbed my heart! We brought her home in April. She checked out the entire house and hopped up on the couch and fell asleep.”

A Few of Her Favorite Things: “Although Phoebe is blind now, she used to love watching TV and would go nuts whenever anything that looked like a dog came on, jumping and barking at the TV. She’s also is an avid cuddling enthusiast who loves being in the company of her favorite humans (when she’s awake).”

Fast and Furriest! “The first couple of years we had Phoebe, she was quite active. I ALWAYS had to take her out on a leash, as she was quite a fast runner, much quicker than me. Now that she’s entered her golden twenties, this speedy gal has finally put on the brakes and channels most of her energy into power napping.”

Why She is Our Best Friend: “Phoebe is an incredibly sweet girl, and has brought us much joy. We are happy to have had the chance to give her a home.”

Donating to: PAWS.

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