The Real Dogs of Weston

A column just for Weston’s canine citizens, sponsored by Passage East Kennels.

Each week, we’ll introduce you to a pawsome dog neighbor as well as donate $10 to a local rescue group or animal shelter chosen by their humans. To be featured, please email

Meet Winslow! This young Husky mix gets his name from the classic Eagles hit “Take It Easy,” and he’s been doing exactly that since he moved in with Weston’s Burke family two years ago. Winslow shares his home with adoptive parents Michele and Tom Jr., two-legged siblings Tom the 3rd and Kate, four-legged siblings Ace the Beagle and Snape the Dachshund, and several no-legged fish siblings. A charming cuddlebug who loves long walks and even longer belly rubs, Winslow will steal your heart faster than he’ll steal your holiday ham. No questions here - his sweet love is definitely going to save you.

Name: Winslow.

Breed: Husky (for sure) and possibly Shiba Inu or Chow.

Age: Around 5.

How We Met: “Winslow comes from ROAR (Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue). We went to the shelter to meet him, but he was out on a promotional visit to a Ridgefield tea shop. He looked so handsome in his adoption vest and I would swear that he is able to smile. His looks, fluffy coat, and extremely friendly nature were a winning combination.”

A Few of His Favorite Things: “He loves long walks and carrying soft, stuffed animals around in his mouth. He never breaks the ‘skin.’ Prolonged belly rubs are his all-time favorite thing!”

Not a Fan of: “Extreme hugging. (But it is ever so tempting!)”

Favorite Spot to Snooze: “The big, brown, soft and squishy sofa in our living room. It is also, unfortunately, a fur magnet.”

Stealing Hearts (and meat) from Day One: “He arrived 2 years ago on Tom Jr.’s birthday. We had a big barbecue with all sorts of yummy grilled things, including filet mignon. Houseguests of ours were looking for a nosh later in the evening. All I found was a hotel pan that had been licked clean. Based on how high up the meat had been stored, Winslow was the only possible suspect. The next Easter he made off with the ham. We have learned to keep meat at extremely high altitudes!”

What He’s Our Best Friend: “He always loves to be loved. He will come over and lean on you with his full 70 pounds and will never tire of being pet.”

Donating to: ROAR.

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